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Clubs and Groups Location Modified
Anglo Saxon Medieval Guild & Medieval Marauders
We are a Cambridge Based group, the anglos saxon guild work on researching and recreating the anglosaxon way of life from 3rd to 8th century and the Marauders cover any other medieval era/time frame, we are also a performance and display orientated group. Waikato Modified by anglosaxonz
23 Apr 2009
Karen 0274489001 or Adrian 0274423646 or email  

Argent Court / Argent Lords
The Argent Court is an inclusive group of friends with Medieval interests who try to make a positive difference. We perform, teach and practice combat, stage and performance arts, socialise and patrol with the Guardian Angels in Auckland. Auckland Modified by Anna Cruse
04 Dec 2008
Anna or Ben by email
Auckland School of Fence
We train in the 15th Century Italian art of Fiore and Vadi, which includes wrestling, dagger and longsword. We train at Fergusson hall Mondays and Thurdays from 7:30 pm.
Auckland Modified by Hawkwind™
30 Apr 2012
Auckland Sword & Shield Society
We study George Silver’s English short sword (1599), German longsword from Johannes Liechtenauer’s (14th - 17th c) and Italian rapier from the work of Ridolfo Capo Ferro (1610). Auckland Modified by David
20 Apr 2012
Historic European Swordsmanship  
We train on Sundays from 10 noon to 1 p.m. Meola Road Scout Hall, Meola Road, behind MOTAT  
David Baskeyfield (President): 021 555 740  

Auckland University Medieval Guild
Ak Uni group based on City Campus. Meet weekly on Wednesday nights. Run classes, workshops, feasts and other events. Fighters use a range of styles and forms and train with other groups in Ak. Open to all, students and non-students. Auckland Modified by Ysemay
04 Jun 2008
Zara on
Augusta Legion II
Founded 1991-Second Legion Augusta is New Zealands foremost Roman LivingHistory & Re-enactment Society. Metal weapons fighter training regularly, experienced combatant instructors. Loyalist to the true Roman Imperator, G.Snorrius Magnus Avg. Hail Caesar! Auckland Modified by Artemis
05 Jan 2011
P.O. Box 35-146 Browns Bay Auckland.  
26B Stredwick Drive, Torbay  
Contact the Consul  
Dr Rob Bowden B.A.(Univ. Sydney), D.O.  
027 627 2128

Baldaquin Inc.
Baldaquin Inc Society of NZ was formed by members of a few informal community groups, re-enactors and alternative lifestyle people who put heads together and decided there was a need! Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by Hobdid
13 Aug 2014
Andria, or 02102255898. Graham Charlie
Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by huscarl
27 Aug 2008
christchurch steel flghters
our period is 1100ad to 1500ad and we have classes on sword and shield, axes, spears and longbows. the classes are held at scottish hall (cnr edgeware rd and caledonian rd) wednesday and sunday nights 7.30pm to 8.30pm Canterbury Modified by terry
09 Jul 2010
come to a train day or txt 0212697893  
everybody welcome, under 18s must bring parent or caregive  
or you can email

Cohors Sagittariorum- Company of Classical Archers
From Prince Paris of Troy,Toxopholy was practiced by Ancient Empires:Egyptian,Iran,Greek, Roman and Barbarian Goths. Cretans, Scythians and Huns were Archers also. Yew Longbows were excavated in the clinker Nydam Ship cAD200 Norse. Ancient times to AD500. Auckland Modified by Gaius Drustanus
23 Feb 2010
Des and Daphne Mellor,  
5 Datura Place, Sunnynook  
0211896957 or (09) 478 2026

College of St. Amigdius (victoria university)
SCA group operating out of victoria university of wellington  
(more details to come)
Wellington Modified by
22 Oct 2008
Company of the Dragon
We are a medieval re-enactment group who portray the period from 1250 to 1450 AD.  
We meet every Sunday between 1pm and 4pm, at:  
Red Hackle Pipe Band Hall  
Redwood Train Station, Tawa, Wellington.
Wellington Modified by Anyad
23 Jun 2019
Secretary: Pauline Mildenhall - (04) 938 3594 and (027) 3737350. email:
Company of the Lance
We are the Auckland group specialising in jousting & equestrian themed activities & displays. We are currently seeking more members for jousters, skill at arms riders & ground crew. Riders will need their own horse, transport, softkit & armour. 13-16thC Auckland Modified by Baroque
16 May 2008
Jane Holm: 021 948191  
We train every Sunday from 1pm onwards in South Auckland.

Company of the Sable Hart
We are Medieval Re-enactors representing a group of Mercenaries based in Southern Europe around the latter part of the 14th Century and early part of the 15th Century. We are a diverse group of Archers, Men at Arms. Central Plateau Modified by NigelT
18 May 2010
Contact: Mike Smith  
Training in Taupo

Company of the Sacred Sword
Based On 1066 Time Period, We Train Sundays 1-5 Pm In Sword, Axe, Spear, Shield, Archery Aswell As Axe And/Or Spear Throwing. Always Looking For New Recruts. First Time Is Free, Then $2 Per Week. Membership Is $20 Eeach Year. Hawkes Bay Modified by Mad Jim
07 Aug 2009
Mike Webb  
80 Waghorne St, Napier  
Ph: 835-4114  

Company of the Wolpertinger
Family friendly historical reenactment in Auckland, primarily based on german mercenaries from the 15th to 16th Century known as Landksnecht. We accept members from 13 years of age and have both combatants and noncombatants Auckland Modified by Anyad
23 Jun 2019
den Valknut
den Valknut is a Hamilton based Viking mercenary group. We are a Clan who train on Saturday mornings at 10am. We welcome fighters and non-com members. Our time period covers the Viking age from 8th to 11th century. Waikato Modified by Darrie
11 Nov 2014
Bear (Bjarki) - 027 361 6740  
Darrie - 027 636 0085  

Dragons Heart
New Medieval Fantasy Group in Taranaki  
Lands ruled by the dragons timeline 1300-1600.  
All those whom wish to join, attend Feasts, camps and general get togethers are most welcome.  
We welcome all dragons, elves, faeries, orks, warriors, humans
Taranaki Modified by dragoness
17 May 2017
Website coming soon

Drykka Nordica
Wellington Norse reenactment group. Our period is 8th to 11th century. Drykka Nordica roughly translates to "drinking norse"... says it all really. Wellington Modified by NigelT
13 Sep 2007
PO Box 24508  
Phone 021 404 783  

Felag "Wellington Medieval Armoured Combat"
Felag (Fellowship) is a Wellington Based Full Contact fighting team we do 1v1s and group fights within the IMCF and HMB rulesets. Wellington Modified by Anyad
23 Jun 2019
Club Captain: Justin Harris (027) 352 3787
Free Company Of The Falcon
We are fairly spread out in most of the lower north island our period is between 1350-1450ad  
We pride our selves on having fun, some of us do head blow some of us do not, free choice.  
We ran NAAMA 07
Wellington Modified by hunt_sicarius
27 Apr 2009
Send a message on this site to Fungus(Darryl Thomas)  
via website

Full Combat Medieval Combat
Affiliation: International Medieval Combat Federation Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by Anyad
23 Jun 2019
Griffin Companie
Training in Stratford on mondays from 6.30pm onward at Avon Primary. We aim to incorporate all aspects of medieval life into our companie. Anyone interested in combat, dancing, archery, kit making, jousting, etc is more than welome to join in. Taranaki Modified by Fondle the Jester
14 Mar 2012
Garry Hill (Captain) 02108121991  
Jym Shaman (GD- Fondle the Jester) 02102361065  
or look for Griffin Companie on Facebook

Kunst des Fechtens Dunedin.
Studying German Longsword and staff.  
Sunday practice 1pm-3pm at Robin Hood park, Dunedin.
Otago Modified by Mad Jim
26 Jan 2016
[Dunedin] Jim Edmonds 021 08261402 or
Legion II Augusta
The Second Legion is a Re-Enactment club interested in the Ancient World to the 5th century AD. The Legionary arm focuses on that famous Unit in Roman Britain 2nd Century AD but Auxillaries,Barbarians, Gladiators, Celts and Hellenes also participate. Auckland Modified by Anyad
23 Jun 2019
Consul: Dr Robert Bowden B.A., D.O.  
PO Box 35 - 146, Browns Bay Akld.  
09 473 5386 or 027 6272128

Longbush Village
Medieval village project.  
We have a 64 acre working farm which supports a growing medieval village. We currently have a fort, oak frame farm house, targets, horses, pigs, chickens and ducks.  
We host historical events, adventure games and parties.
Wairarapa Modified by the pobs
13 Jan 2010
Medieval Enterprises
Events organisers and co-ordinators.  
Catering, logistics and good management.
Manawatu Modified by conal
13 May 2008
Stewart McKay 06 3532122
Medieval Living History (NZ)
Nation-wide living history group.  
800 AD to 1547. The Western World from the Norse lands to Spain, from Constantinople to the western shores of Ireland.  
Authenticity isnt as hard as you think!
Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by conal
20 Feb 2009
c/o 46 Findlay St  

Medius Auvum Comitatus Whangarei chapter
We are learning to live as a small company of armed soldiers and their families in the Middle Ages. wrestling, daggerwork, sword all based on actual manuscripts. inlcuding dance, clothing even horse work. Northland Modified by NewAlexander
05 Apr 2011
Alec Dugmore 021-1035077 Club Captain  
Ann Dugmore 027 - 4102074 Club Scribe

Na Fianna
Irish: "Soldiery of Ireland" or "Warriors of Ireland", named after the mythological Fianna Hawkes Bay Modified by King of Swords
23 May 2011
Seamus Ri na fenid fianna  
The Cottage, Oakmere, State Hwy 5 Te Pohue  
Napier 4182  
(06) 8391717  

Nelson Mediaeval
A mediaeval living history group in the top of the South Island.  
We have members from Picton, Nelson and Motueka.
Nelson Modified by Boyd
05 Jan 2013
See our Website for contact details  

New Zealand Norsemen Living History Society
We are the New Zealand Norsemen. we are a viking age LIVING HISTORY group, we cater for all ages, both males and females and for all interests in the Viking Age, Primarily 793 to 1066A.D.  
Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by griff
17 Jan 2009
Auckland Griff - or Franush on +64 21 230-2439  
Northland -  
we train at opunuku reserve henderson from approx 1.00pm till 5.00pm  

New Zealand Schools of European Martial Arts
We are dedicated to the study and accurate reconstruction of European Martial Arts from the written records dating from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries. We do not do any form of re-enactment. Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by conal
13 May 2008
See our contact page at

Northern Horde Tauranga
A Horde who like to fight, and more. Loosely around the 12th to 14th century we wear the purple with the gold dragon. We made Club of the Week in the local paper: Bay Of Plenty Modified by Hobdid
29 Jul 2011
Call or TXT Charlie 021 296 0215  
Check out the website at:

northern wolfs
we are a multiperiod group our fighting style is based on the sca rules but we use split bamboo weapons{ eg glaives resemble gaint shinai} we train on sundays in western springs crunttly we have ten members want to grow Auckland Modified by stephan
29 Apr 2011
NZ Gladiator School
Based in West Auckland the NZ Gladiator School (2003) offers free training to experienced reenactors (numbers limited) and commercial courses to the general public. Minimum age 18 and a clean Police Record is required for participation or enrollment.  
Auckland Modified by Jonanthebarbarian
16 Dec 2011
Contact: John Maine phone 021-211-3209;  
web site

NZ Traditional Archers
Base, the OHara Game Estate target / fieldArchery courses  
Members throughout New Zealand. We focus on all aspects of Traditional archery,practise of the art , support workshops making bows, arrows and associated equipment. Members have individual assoc
Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by NZArcher
17 Dec 2010
L.Kelvin OHara  
07-533 1484

New Zealand Authentic Archery and Culture has Members Nationwide (North and South Island). We encourage archery ( longbowmaking and fletching), traditional arts, crafts, bellydancing and include all eras . Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by Colin & Lynlee
07 Sep 2008
For further detials contact Lynlee and Colin OKeeffe  
0274 591 199  
club sponsor:,

Order of the Boar
We New Zealands first and foremost mounted combat group specialising in jousting and recreating the medieval tournament as a modern spectacle.  
We cover living history (camp site portrayal) c1350 - 1400.  
We train Saturday afternoons from 2 PM.
Wellington Modified by Callum
12 Feb 2008
Callum Forbes  
021 330 989 or a/h 526 4923

Order Of The Golden Apple
We are the Order Of The Golden Apple, we train in longsword, sword and shield, dagger, staff, wrestling among others, we also do dancing, living history, workshops and what ever else we feel like doing.  
We train on Tuesdays.
Northland Modified by Shannonlouise
03 Mar 2010
Contact Jono or Shannon on (09) 4356064  
Or email

Ordo Cygni (UC Medieval and Renaissance Society)
The University of Canterbury medieval group. We run classes in Renaissance dance, various arts and sciences, and historic European martial arts such as German longsword, Highland broadsword, I.33 sword and buckler and others. Canterbury Modified by David Isdale
08 Jun 2010

Red Ravens
12th-14th century fencing and archery club based in Palmerston North.  
Manawatu Modified by JohnF
28 Dec 2011
Club Captain: Sef Embi  

SCA Auckland - Barony of Ildhafn
A sub-group of Society for Creative Anachronism, part of the Kingdom of Lochac (Australia & NZ). We do SCA armoured combat, rapier, archery, dancing, singing, costuming, most medieval arts and crafts. Auckland Modified by Matthew_Mole
29 Oct 2013
Seneschal: Ludwig von Regensburg (Patrick Bowman), Ph (09) 482 4399,  
Chatelaine: Aesa Hrolfsdottir (Wendy Rowsell), Ph (09) 974 3994,

SCA Wellington - Shire of Darton
The local SCA chapter in Wellington. Wellington Modified by Sancha
12 Apr 2012
Seneschal: Sancha da Sylva (Robyn Ramsden) 06 308 8887 or
Southern Norse
Based in Levin.  
As the name suggests we are a Norse Living History group who enjoy dark age combat 850-1150, historical crafts, cooking, sewing, forging etc  
Combatants must be 18 or older. Younger members are welcome as part of a family  
Manawatu Modified by thorsson
02 Nov 2013
Wade 022 2762284  
thorsson 021 2342150  
or PM via GD thorsson

Taumarunui Falcons NZ
We are a chapter of the Free Company of the Falcons. We train tuesday nights 6pm at Saint Partricks Hall on High Street.  
1350 -1450 mostly - non combatants, combatants of any ability and archers welcome.
Central Plateau Modified by hopies
25 Apr 2012
The English War Bow Society NZ Inc
Incorporated society for the preservation of English medieval military archery. We are an official chapter of the English Warbow Society in the UK. We shoot authentic medieval draw weight bows.  
Modified by English Warbowman
24 Aug 2011
Please contact Keith at for  
further details.  

The Goose Feather
Hawkes Bay Modified by English Warbowman
20 Oct 2010

The Honourable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners.
A 16th century "Get together at events and be a club" club. Basically we meet up at events and hang together in 16th century kit. Thats about it Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by Ben_sutton
09 Mar 2010
Ben Sutton  
Find me on Face Book  
or send me a message via GD

The Steel Blacks - New Zealand HMB National Team
The NZ Battle of the Nations teams public forum.  
HMB events, videos, pics and photos of our combatants, clubs and teams.
Outside New Zealand Modified by Anyad
23 Jun 2019
HMB NZ Secretary:
The Wellington Medieval Guild
The Wellington Medieval Guild is a relatively small group (20-30 members) interested in the time from 750-1550 AD. We dance, do displays, hold feasts, put on plays, and practice fighting techniques, and much more.  
Wellington Modified by NigelT
21 Mar 2011
Chancellor - Colin Murray  
Sheriff (Treasurer) - Kaye Batchelor  
Chatelaine - Ana Maea Chitara  
Guild Email Contact -

The White Company Inc
The White Company Inc Society of New Zealand, and formed the first ever National TeamNZ for an HMBIA Medieval Tournament (May 2013, France Battle of the Nations) See for more Multiple locations / Nationwide Modified by Hobdid
26 Dec 2013 - for TWC Secretary
Upper Hutt School of European Martial Arts
We are a European Martial Arts group specialising in 1.33 Sword and Buckler and Fiore. We train on Saturdays 11.30 to 1 PM in Upper Hutt.  
We are part of the NZSEMA network
Wellington Modified by Callum
04 Feb 2008
Callum Forbes  
021 330 989 or a/h 526 4923

Living history camp, forum. Auckland Modified by Effigy
23 Mar 2013
Anne Ginders 094225751
Wolfren Taranaki Mediaeval Sociaty
We are a club that is based on a french/german merconary unit,  
set around the 14th 15th century.  
we take a lot of pride in our armour standards & getting our kit right , feasting and having fun  
Ya no we kill for a good time!
Taranaki Modified by JEDI95
12 Feb 2010
captian - heer Mike Kerr or Bing, phone (06) 757 4803  
corporal - heer Johnathan Marinner on (06) 753 6319 or 021 294 9031


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